It was never easier to install a Tempered Glass. With this guide, we give you helpful tips for a smooth installation.


First step – Thoroughly clean the display 

Second step: dry the wet display with the second cloth

Third step: the final touch to the cleanliness of your display – the Dust Remover.

Pull out the Tempered Glass.

Last step: start from the top and take a moment to check if the top and bottom sides are exactly symmetrical.

Press on bulletproof glass – it is self-adhesive and absorbs moisture.


Apple/Samsung Watch:

Tips for the assembly:

Please allow plenty of time to mount the armored glass for a smartwatch.

Once you have cleaned the surface of the watch, you can carefully peel off the back glass of the bulletproof glass.

The adhesive film under the bulletproof glass is sensitive to improved surface touch handling.

And if you hold the bulletproof glass symmetrically on the Apple Watch, you can still make improvements and move the glass slightly.

Should bubbles occur, you can push them out with slight pressure (see video).

Tempered Glass Apple Watch

Sustainability is important. Also for your smartwatch.
Say no to a display break.